From large commercial fueling stations to small county stores, you can depend on the services of J & M Monitoring.  Our team of underground storage tank professionals can assist you with any problem arising from your underground storage system.  From ground water remediation to complete tank pulls J & M has the experience to get the job done.


The main problem with underground storage systems manufactured after 1984 was they were made of uncoated steel, which over time will corrode and allow the contents of the tank to escape into the environment.  When this happens, soil and ground water sources become contaminated, putting the health and safety of the surrounding population at risk.  Until the contamination is removed and the soil/ground water remediated, the property cannot be repurposed or reused.  A leaking underground storage tank installation can also present a fire and explosion hazard.


J & M Monitoring is an approved contractor in Kentucky for the following services;


UST PSTEAF Certified Company

Underground Storage Tank Investigations

Closure Investigations

Verification Sampling

Remedial Design

Corrective Action Plans

State Insurance Fund Consulting


Subsurface Investigation and Analysis

Investigation Design and Consultation

Exploratory Soil Borings

Subsurface Soil Sampling and Analysis

Determination of Extent of Contamination


Groundwater Monitoring and Sampling

Monitoring Well installation

Groundwater Quality Determination

Contaminant Plume Delineation and Migration Analysis


Geotechnical Engineering

Site Subsurface Investigations

Monitoring Well and Piezometer Installation


Remediation System Design, Installation, and Monitoring

Multi-Phase Extraction

Soil Vapor Extraction/Air Sparging

Free Product Recovery

Groundwater Treatment/Remediation


Hazardous Waste Management

Waste Characterization

Drum Overpacking

Waste Manifesting

Transportation and Disposal