Fire & Water

J & M Monitoring provides professional water and fire damage restoration, repairing the damage done to floors, ceilings, or walls of a residential or commercial building. 

J & M employees are trained to use the latest techniques for the proper restoration of your home or office due to fire or water damage. If your home or office has experienced a fire that has left smoke, soot, or other damage to your property, J & M can get you back to pre-fire condition. Professionals from J & M Monitoring will come in, evaluate the damage, clean and sanitize your property, and help with extraction and removal of damaged and irreparable items.

Water damage can manifest in many ways. From hard to find water in basements, beneath your floors, or inside your walls; all of which can lead to mold. Or more obvious damage, that can happen very quickly in the case of a flood. When J & M comes to your property, they will assess the source of the problem, estimate damage, dry and clean the area with special equipment and deodorize any smells from mold. Whatever service you need, J & M is here to help with the restoration of your commercial or residential property. When dealing with fire and/or water damage, make sure you act quickly. Damage can spread fast to other parts of your home or office and become too intense to repair.