Why J & M Monitoring

Monitoring Well

J & M offers professional services in the disciplines of Engineering, Geology, Chemistry, Microbiology, and Biology.  Along with Phase I, II and III Environmental Property Assessments, Environmental Management, Environmental Auditing, Environmental Remediation and Emergency Response services.

Technical services provided by J & M include Coal Mine Drainage Monitoring and Treatment, Carbon Credit Management, Land Farming, On-site Remediation of Petroleum Contaminants, Underground Storage Tank Removal and Remediation, Asbestos Training, Hazmat Training, Asbestos Management and Abatement, Asbestos Inspection, Lead Paint Abatement and Refinishing, Mold inspections and Abatement, Indoor Air Quality Monitoring and Abatement, Landfill Monitoring and General Chemical analysis for common organic and inorganic contaminants.

At J & M, we work with our clients to examine how best to compliment and serve your organization.  Our value may include providing management consulting services, growth in select markets, technical services, field-related services, and field-related equipment.  We are in business to provide outstanding service and to provide value added service to our client’s.  Our core value has been to consistently demonstrate the ability to strengthen our client’s business strategy, market share, financial performance, and technical capabilities.  In the end, our strategy is to bring value, service, and results to your business.

J & M Monitoring, Inc. has mobile emergency response equipment, technicians, engineers, geologists, chemists, analysts and laboratory facilities to take the lead role in any environmental emergency.  Furthermore, we understand that a major spill is not just an environmental problem, but it is a business problem for our clients as well. 

Call J & M Monitoring today, and speak to one of our experienced professionals at (606) 432-1910 or Toll Free at (877) 835-0949.